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Optiplex 780 BIOS update

Checking for driver updates and I find out there is a BIOS update (A15) available for my machine it's currently A5. But when I download and try to install it I receive "flash access denied. Please make sure you are logged in as an administrator and re-start application by right clicking on the icon and selecting "run elevated". When I check the account settings it says I am the local administrator and what "icon" is it referring to.

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RE: Optiplex 780 BIOS update

It's referring to the icon on your Desktop (or in whatever folder you saved the downloaded file) for the BIOS update.  So instead of double-clicking to launch it, right- click it and select "Run as administrator".

You may also need to disable your anti-malware software to run the flash  update, but be sure it's enabled again after the PC reboots once the flash is complete.

Keep in mind that there's always a chance a BIOS update will brick the motherboard, so it's usually not advised to update unless it fixes a problem you actually have.  

Since you're only at A5, you may want to read the "More Details" for each BIOS update from A6 to A15 to see what each does, to decide if you really need A15. And check to see if any version has a requirement for a prior version before updating. If not, you can go directly from A5 to A15.

Look for links to all the 780 BIOS versions here:



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