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Optiplex 780, Dual monitors, options?

With the OptiPlex 780 (MT), am I to understand that the only way to have a dual monitor setup is to purchase 2 of the following Graphics/Video Controllers?

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT330
  • ATI RADEON HD 4550
  • ATI RADEON HD 3450
  • ATI RADEON HD 3470
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9033 GE

In other words, using the onboard VGA port, in addition to an addition video card, will not allow me to have a dual monitor setup.

Additionally according to the Tech Guide (pg. 12) it indicates that a MiniTower (MT) supports full height card.  What's the trick here, since I don't see how my current video card is going to fit with the case back on.  I am making the assumption that I'm going to be using 1 of the 3 (expansion bay)(PCI) slots, labelled Slot1, Slot2, and/or Slot3.

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RE: How to setup Dual Monitors

The 780 MT does allow full size video cards. The 780 DT/SFF do not. Do you have the one on the far right?

The onboard GPU is enabled with the add in DVI card J4571. So you could use both.

The onboard GPU is disabled when a PCIe x16 video card is installed on the motherboard.

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