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Optiplex 780 Memory Question

I have an Optiplex 780 MT that came with 4Gb memory as 4 1Gb memory modules.  I will be replacing this memory with 2 4Gb memory modules, making 8Gb.  Since this will only take up two of the four memory slots, and I will have the original 1Gb memory modules left over, I was wondering if it would be possible (or advisable) to put two of the 1Gb memory modules into the remaining two memory slots, making a total of 10Gb (two 4Gb modules + two 1Gb modules).

Is that possible, and would it even be a good idea to mix two pairs of unlike memory modules?


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RE: Optiplex 780 Memory Question

That should work, and even if for some reason it doesn't, there's definitely no harm or worries in plugging them in!  I actually plan to do something similar soon with my 780 MT, replacing two of the 2GB sticks with 4GB, but leaving the other two in place to upgrade from 8GB to 12BG.  I'll probably eventually go to 16GB, but in the meantime there's no reason not to use the existing memory to add to the new.

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RE: Optiplex 780 Memory Question

Hello !   

I'm running windows 10 Pro x64 and I wont to increase the dedicated video memory for better gameing performance . My actually dedicated video memory is 64 Mb , I have 4 Gb of Ram and maybe the recommended dedicated video memory goes to 512 Mb.

Is possible to do this ?    Thank you !

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