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Optiplex 780 - "Dell Factory ..." options missing from Windows "System Recovery Options"

I have 2 Dell 780's that I would like to reset to factory using the Dell Recovery partition.  These are Windows 7 64bit Pro machines.  The units have 3 partitions, diagnostics, recovery and OS.  I have followed instructions to start the recovery process and can successfully get the units to boot to the standard windows restore options page, but the expected last item "Dell Factory..." is not present.

I do not see Dell Backup and Recovery installed.

There is nothing on the C:\ partition I wish to retain and want to do a clean (re)install, ideally on a formatted drive.  I would like to keep the recovery partition functionality intact so this can be done again.  I rather not do an upgrade where I get left with a windows.old folder and other unused folders in the root directory.

1 - I think I read somewhere that recovery can only be done once.  Is this correct?
2 - Does recovery also include the Cyberlink software?
3 - From where is the System Recovery tools run?

Also have seen this:  en.community.dell.com/.../20141229

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