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Optiplex 780 small form - wont start, solid amber light, codes 1 & 2 No expansion cards

I have a Optiplex 780 small form -  it wont start. It has a solid amber light, and gives the codes 1 & 2.

 According the the service manual 1 & 2 has to do with the PCI expansion slots but we don't have any cards in those slots. 

The PC is used, just purchased for 200 bucks, I am sure it's out of warranty.

***  Since the troubleshooting tips obviously do not match our observations what other way can I troubleshoot this?  <-- 

The manual says, :

A possible expansion card failure has occurred

Determine if a conflict exists by removing an expansion card (not a graphics card) and restarting the computer.

If the problem persists, reinstall the card you removed, then remove a different card and restart the computer.

Repeat this process for each expansion card installed. If the computer starts normally, troubleshoot the last card removed from the computer for resource conflicts.

If the problem persists, contact Dell.


Please help if you can, Thanks!

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RE: Optiplex 780 small form - wont start, solid amber light, codes 1 & 2 No expansion cards

Not even a PCI-e x16 add-in video card? 

If you have an add-in video card, try reseating it in the slot. Or remove it completely and use one of the 2 onboard video output ports (VGA or DisplayPort).

A solid amber power button could also be a power supply problem.

You can try clearing BIOS:

  1. Power off, unplug
  2. Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
  3. Open case and remove motherboard battery
  4. Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
  5. {Reseat add-in video card, if not already done}
  6. Reinstall battery - use a new one: CR2032 3-volt lithium ion battery, ~$2.00
  7. Close case and see if it boots now. Be sure to connect monitor to the right video outputs. If you have the add-in video card, the onboard ports will be disabled.

Or just return it and get a full refund! emoticon.Wink.title


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