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Optiplex 9010MT won't detect a sata port

Hello guys,

I have a 9010MT with an i7 3770.The mobo has 4 sata ports,but the bios only sees 3 of them ,even though I have all 4 filled with HDDs(AHCI mode,the problem is present in every mode).This is the setup: Sata0: 120GB SSD , Sata1: 240GB SSD , Sata2: 1TB HDD , Sata3: 2TB HDD. Now my problem is that most of the time the board does not recognize 'sata3 port', it doesn't matter which drive is plugged into it ,but sometimes (like every 15 reboots) it does see it and if I'm lucky I can use it in Windows, but as I said it's pretty rare and I do want it to work all the time.Every drive works perfectly in other systems and I tried multiple sata cables.I don't have any optical drives because I do not need them.I'm sure I can use every sata port for storage drives because it sometimes works.How do I get it to work all the time?Me creating this post is a sign of true depression and desperation because I have never had to do it before,I have always found a solution to my problems on forums ,but not this time.[Can it be a dead or dying sata port?] (Please excuse any bad grammar, english is not my native language)

With much thanks,
-A sad user

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