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Optiplex 9020 mini tower no video on power up

I'm troubleshooting a clients computer that does not get a display on power up.  The user was turning the computer off and back on until the video finally displayed. 

Steps Taken:

Since the computer was powering on and I did not hear any beep codes and the logs only showed unexpected shutdown (powering on and off).  I enabled remote desktop and had the user call me the next time it happened.  Sure enough I could remote in the the computer but they had no display.  Remote restart typically not resolve it.  If I remotely shutdown and the user powers back on it typically did resolve the issue.

This is a dual monitor configuration - 1 DVI (primary) and 1-VGA (secondary)  There are no adapters in place.  The original on-board was using a display port to DVI adapter.
Windows 7 Pro

This configuration has worked fine for about 3 years.  This all began about 2 months ago.

Any ideas or known issues with 9020.