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Optiplex 9020 "CPU 0 Fan Failure"

I get the message at start up "CPU 0 Fan Failure".

But there is no dedicated fan for the CPU, just the case fan which pushes air through the CPU radiator.

I found the socket for a CPU fan, and the documentation illustrations also shows the socket as being unused. There is no reference to a CPU fan in the documentation.

I cannot find any settings in the BIOS setup. I cannot find any information on this subject.

Thank for any help.

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RE: Optiplex 9020 "CPU 0 Fan Failure"

Which one?  9020 MiniTower, 9020 Small Form, 9020 UltraSmall Form,  or 9020M or 9020 All-in-One?

Don't know which docs you read, but all the 9020 manuals, and the 9020M and 9020 All-in-One manuals show a CPU fan, either listed separately or shown under the instructions to remove the heat sink.

Dell CPU fans have a sensor in them that BIOS has to read. If the sensor fails, you'd get that fan failure message. The fan will have to be replaced with another Dell OEM fan. Non-Dell fans won't have that sensor and will cause the same error message.


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