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Optiplex 990 sff - Work In a MiniPCI card?

i got the tools and the parts, i cant be the only one who has seen this and wondered, anyone have any mod experience soldering to add on slots 

i want USB 3.0

a graphics card

wifi - i dont want put-put usb wifi

i seached the web to see if there were optiplex 990 sff with wlan cards and found nill, however there is in fact live circuitry running to those  blanknodes... anyone have any experience with this kind of mod?

In my experience with other brand laptops the results with blank slot add is good whether its hdd or wlan, in this case.... im unsure.

I'm not an engineer or programmer, I'm a hobbyist, with a full time job outside the field, i give what i cant sell back to those without. means..its rewarding

---------------------------------------------Current best Desktop optiplex 990 sff Current Laptop Lattitude - e6420 (both remade from scrap on my bench)------------------------------

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