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Optiplex GX620 Keyboard Failure

There was a flash storm in our area this week and I believe it affected my computer. After a loud crash of thunder in which I was trying to get to my computer and unplug the power went out and I have had nothing but problems ever since.

I am getting a Keyboard Failure error at the start of reboot and  then it proceeds to load windows xp. Niether the mouse or keyboard work.  I have tried to use all 8 usb ports to no avail. I am able to use both the keyboard and mouse on my laptop so they are not the issue. I have tried unplugging it, holding the power button for 60 secs. This did not work. I have also tried disconnecting the jumper for a few minutes but again no deal.

Does anyone have any other suggestions before I either do a major motherboard change or a new computer purchase?

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Re: Optiplex GX620 Keyboard Failure

With a storm and a power failure while running, anything is possible.   Have you tried resetting the BIOS by removing the CR2032 battery for about 5 minutes (obviously with the PC powered off)?

If that does not help, I would suspect a motherboard failure.

The PC connected to a UPS system would have prevented any AC power releated failures.

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