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Optiplex GX620 + Win 7 drivers

Hi there all :emotion-1:,

I'm new to the forum + am hoping someone can throw some light on my issue.

I have upgraded the OS on my Otiplex GX620 mini tower to win 7 + was trying to use the drivers + downloads section of the site but when I click the drop down box to enter my OS as win 7 there isn't an option to do this.

Is there any way round this so I can see which driver updates apply to my OS?

I have tried to use the 'scan my system' tool but it tells it can't complete a scan and to try again later. I think this may because my product is out of warranty?

Thanks in advance for any help on this subject.




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Re: Optiplex GX620 + Win 7 drivers

Dell does not support Vista or Windows 7 on this model.  Only XP and earlier OS such as Win 2000.  You are basically on your own to try and find any needed drivers for the old PC.  I suspect you will not find all the needed drivers.  It is best to leave XP on this model and if you want Windows 7, you need to get a new PC or at least one with newer hardware that will support Windows 7.

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Re: Optiplex GX620 + Win 7 drivers

Thanks for replying Fireberd.

That explains it then.  I have already installed win7 on my pc but fortunately microsoft update found all the required drivers, I was very impressed. But being a perfectionist I just wanted to check if there were any updates to the drivers I have.

I'll go to the manufacturers sites to check this out.

Thanks again for clarifying this for me. emoticon.Smile.title

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Re: Optiplex GX620 + Win 7 drivers



If you have a problem device, you could try using the XP drivers in the XP Compatibility mode





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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Re: Optiplex GX620 + Win 7 drivers

Thanks Rick,  I will bare that in mind. emoticon.Smile.title


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