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Optiplex GX620 hardrive failures upon format/reload of XP Pro


We just took on a project to reload 80+ GX620's for a local school.  These were donated by a local company that wiped them of sensative data, but left the OS intact.  They mostly function, but will not hold network settings (computer name and workgroup/domain settings) over a power cycle.

We reformatted several of the hard drives and reloaded XP Pro from an OEM image CD.  One suceeded, several more failed miserably, with either HDD failures (bad sectors), write failures or the HDD no longer being detectable.    With an over 75% failure rate, we are thinking there must be soemthing more involved.

Is there a BIOS flash that we need to overcome a motherboard-HDD encryption?  We do not get a HDD password prompt upon boot, but I am sure that can be disaled or missed (as in, it does not show up).

Is there a ghost image that can be deployed across these boxes to overwrite/bypass this issue?

Thank youy in advance!


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