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PCI slot power limit in Precision T3500?

Hi all,

I have a PCI card (FPGA) which needs ~ 50 W power from the PCI slot. This was no problem in my old Precision 390, however the new Precision T3500 doesn't like it. On power up, the LEDs 2,3,4 are just flashing and nothing happens. But other (low power cards) work fine in the same slot.

I read that the chipset has a "slot power limit" which is set by the BIOS, but I didn't find any option to change that. Does anyone know what the "slot power limit" is in the T3500, and if there is a way to set it manually?



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Re: PCI slot power limit in Precision T3500?

Lights 2, 3, 4 are "possible USB failure" according to the Dell manual, but with the higher power requirement it's showing an error but an incorrect error.  The on line manual does not detail actual slot power in the spec's  HERE

As this is a commercial line model, your Dell contact should be able to get the info for you and if they sold you a model that won't accomodate that FPGA card they need to find one that does.


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