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*PROBLEM* "Integrated Audio" is causing Windows 7 to FREEZE at start-up!

Let's jump right on this!  Yesterday, I purchased and made it through the installation of Windows 7 UNTIL I reached the "Starting Windows" screen.  Here, the logo begins to show, but then freezes...  So then I said a few obscenities, and began to tinker around in my BIOS.... after a few hours of irritating work, I finally was able to get Windows 7 to flawlessly start by toggling off the "Integrated Audio" option in my BIOS.  When I restarted my computer and toggled it back on, Windows 7 froze again at the boot screen.  So basically, my problem is with "integrated audio."  How do I FIX THIS???!!!  And FYI:  I have a Dell Dimension E521


Thanks in advance for all the help that I know this community will bring me.:emotion-5:

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