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PSU Fan speeded up.

Hello. I am having an issue with my Dell 2330 AIO. The PSU fan is running at high speed like never before. It is very loud now. It starts to spin fast as soon as I turn on the computer. The BIOS is up to date, A13. I run the test and got the following error:

Error Code 2000-0512

Validation 74186

Msg: Fan- The (PSU FAN) fan is running faster than expected


Thanks in advance.




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Re: PSU Fan speeded up.

Hi Alejog,

Since the BIOS is updated to the latest version and the system fan is making loud noise, it appears to be the fan assembly failure. The system fan assembly needs replacement.

If the system is under warranty, please share the system's Service Tag and Owner's Name with me via private message (click my username and then click Start Conversation). Else you may refer to the link http://dell.to/12LmNBq to contact Dell's Expired Warranty Support for getting the system serviced.

If you are in a different region, go to http://dell.to/18NmI2D select the country/region from the top, scroll down and click on 'Contact Dell Sales' to get the contact information.

Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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RE: PSU Fan speeded up.


I have the same issue with the PSU fan, I have updated to the latest BIOS without success. It is noisy from the moment the system comes on and posts. Surely the voltage supplied to the fan dicatates the speed at which it rotates ? I do not see any logic on the fan to control this so it is either an issue on the board sensors or chipset perhaps, any assistance appreciated.


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RE: PSU Fan speeded up.

Hi, today I got the same problem - PSU fan on high speed, error code 2000-0512.

lysagd, did you solve the problem? How?

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