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PSU Upgrade I3847 i3

I wish to use a Graphic / Video Card that needs min 300W with +12 Volt current rating of 18A. The current PSU is 300W but only +12v @ 17A.  The video card will not power up. I have tried.

I cannot find specifically in the manuals if the current PSU is ATX12V or EPS12V. Since it's a desktop, I would expect ATX12V.  However, I found a post on Dell forums that state the I3847 i7 has an EPS12V 300W PSU. This may be due to the i7 though. I have also read that the PSU can be upgraded, and also cannot be upgraded due to OEM MB specs.

I believe this is the correct chassis number (FG1JH, ASSEMBLY, CHASSIS, PWA INTEGRATED, W/B-B, NON PFC, 3847). I know I need to verify any replacement fits the space.

I am looking at a VisionTek 500W that has +12V @ 20A rail 1 and 2 or Thermaltake 430W that has +12V @ 18A rail 1 and +12V @ 17A rail 2.  My graphics card does not need the additional +12V so either will work. I like the idea of having the little extra boost from the VisionTek though.

I wish to ensure two things before purchasing another PSU.

1) An ATX12V PSU will work, though most seem to be dual ATX12v / EPS12v anyway.

2) There is nothing special about the MB that prohibits upgrading the PSU.

TIA for any help.


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RE: PSU Upgrade I3847 i3

Corsair TX650 works

Corsair CS750M works

You need a power supply that guarantees 150W on the 3.3v /5v rails and EPS12v current rating meaning at least 80 percent efficient.

Corsair CX750 does NOT work properly. Note the 150w for Dell 305W.


Corsair AX1200i is too big to fit in the case.

Note the 146w on a DELL 460W power supply.

The physical dimensions of the CS750M are also a reason why it works.

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