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Painless Installation of SSD as Boot Drive in XPS 8900

I had some difficulty getting an *exact* clone of my HDD to an SSD in my XPS 8900.  The HDD configuration looks like this:

Using the Migration utility which came with my Samsung SSD resulted in the following map on the SSD:

While the system worked, booted and all, I could not create recovery media nor a system image from the SSD.  So I reverted to my HDD.

Today I ran across the following approach to cloning the HDD to an SSD for booting:


Since I already had the ToDo software installed, I gave it a try and it cloned the HDD to the SSD perfectly so that the SSD map now looks like that of the original HDD.  I installed the SSD in place of the HDD and all works as it should -- and I just created a recovery drive from the SSD, which I could not do in past attempts.


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