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Parity check / memory parity error

i have a dell optiplex 380 that displays this message 

**Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware ventor for support
NMI: Parity check  / memory parity error
*** The system has halted ***
i have changed the memory to new ones and it still give the same error
when i disable and remove the network driver it works well upon installing the latest network drivers from the dell site it gives the same error.
please help me get a solution to this it has been three weeks since the proble started
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Mary G
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RE: Parity check / memory parity error

Remove the network card if it's a separate card and reboot and run the diagnostics. If it is integrated, disable it and if it passes the diagnostics, buy a network adapter that use a usb port for about $10-15. 

It is not practical to spend much money fixing such an old computer. Think about replacing it.

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RE: Parity check / memory parity error

What Mary G has said is completely right, though I would suggest buying a PCI-E card that will give better network performance but replaceing the aged system as a whole would probably be more preferable I suggest something like the Dell Inspiron 3000.
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RE: Parity check / memory parity error


Download and run My Dell diagnostics here: and let us know what the results are please.

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