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Partially awaking from sleep mode issue 8910


I need some assistance in diagnosing a problem with my PC. This morning, once I woke up, I noticed my computer's fans were running sporadically while in sleep mode. The fans were running at different speeds in a somewhat sporadic fashion, the computer felt somewhat warm. I could not pull my computer out of sleep mode and had to result in shutting the computer off via the power button. The computer booted up correctly and no issues are currently known. 

I have a dell 8190 desktop which I bought around 6 months ago. 

I've attached the event log from this morning.

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RE: Partially awaking from sleep mode issue 8910

Hi Baginaboy,

Thanks for posting.

What you are describing appears to be an issue with a recent Microsoft update.  Since everything is working good now, you probably don't need to do anything more, and probably won't have any further issues.

You could post in the Software/OS board if you had additional questions, as this appears to be a software issue and not hardware. 

Dell-Robert P
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