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Password Authentication Problem

I have a DELL Latitude D820.  I will not allow me to enter the BIOS Set-Up unless I can provide a System or Administrator password.  Stated below is the error message displayed on my Desktop when I turn-on the power.  It display this message for about 2 minates and then it shuts – off  automatically.  Dose anyone have a solution to this problem?


error message display:


This computer system 5328HB1- 595B , is protected by a password authentication system.  You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.


Please type in the system or administrator password and press < Enter >.

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Re: Password Authentication Problem


If the password has been lost, then the only way to get it remedied, is to call Dell, pay a service charge and prove ownership to obtain an override password.

Also, the best section to post this in, would be the Laptop forum HERE, this is for Desktop Hardware.



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