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Please Help: XPS 720 Overheating Problems, etc.

Dell Community,

I have owned a Dell XPS 720 H2C for the past few years now and just recently I am starting to encounter various errors with the video cards (Dual NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTX).  

When playing games like World of Warcraft, the game would force close, and I would get the error message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered (Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 310.70 stopped responding and has successfully recovered)"

I installed SpeedFan and started observing the temperatures of my video cards.  I noticed the cards reaching extreme temperatures of anywhere from 85°C to 110°C.  I called Dell and a new 2GB VisionTek video card is in the mail now.  The video card problems are soon to be dealt with (hopefully).

I have now also noticed that SpeedFan says the temperature of the CPU(s) - it says there are two - range anywhere from 81°C-95°C. What could be causing the CPU(s) to run at such high temperatures? Could it be related to the problem with the video cards?  Are there any methods to increase fan speed?

Also: temperatures of the four-cores remain at ~34°C.

Windows 7 Home Premium

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated, as I am desperate to find a fix for these problems.  Thank you everyone, and have a nice day 

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Re: Please Help: XPS 720 Overheating Problems, etc.

hi element115,

i have a visiontek graghics card also. they have their own monitoring temp gauge in the catalyst overide tab and overclocking along with manual fan speed on the card itself which is nice. but for the processor when was the last time you cleaned out the heat sink and fan unit?? and all fans?

If clean you may want to think of installing an exhaust fan, but until then i would open your case to let the heat out for now..i saw big difference in mine just by opening the case...you shouldnt see your graghics card go much over ~60 celcius..also the hotter your graghics card gets the lower the performance which inturn makes it pull harder to perform more etc. it could be the card??? hope this helps...

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your display i beleive is tied in with your graghics card like mine just as a (note)......

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Re: Please Help: XPS 720 Overheating Problems, etc.

what processor do you have in the system?  Speedfan does not always work correctly on Dell branded motherboards.  And unfortunately there are not many that do.  

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RE: Please Help: XPS 720 Overheating Problems, etc.

I'm having the exact same issue with my XPS Studio. I even removed the cooler, cleaned off all of the old thermal compound from the heat sink and processor (not much dust) and applied arctic silver. -Same thing.

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