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Poll - Do you want Dell to add an XPS forum to desktops?

Simple enough.

Do you want Dell to add an XPS forum to the desktop area?

Just vote Yes :emotion-21: or No :emotion-45:

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Yes - please add the XPS section.

And OT - please allow and increase the sig size.

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Yes - definintely add an XPS Desktop and a separate XPS Laptop forum.

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And OT - please allow and increase the sig size.


You don't think yours is big enough already :emotion-3: :emotion-18: :emotion-55:

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What we need is more polls. Maybe we should start a poll, asking other forum users how they feel about polls. Maybe then the powers that be at Dell will realize how serious we are about polling.



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Yes, there needs to be a specific XPS desktop forum.

The whole cloud thingy on the side needs to die.  The strange sized fonts are an eyesore and do not add a thing.

There needs to be a return to the drop down menu or a more simple method of clustering/tree type of format.

The whole idea was for DCF to be easy to use, without wading through a lot of posts.  The whole "social" format

just leaves me cold.

Darrell WV

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i dislike this new forum formatt , very hard to find anything  , even to find posts to  help others this Dell forum is a real time waster now , im now hanging out and posting at the HP forums and have found a few XPS owners that have asked for  help there . Hp doesn"t seem to mind problems are problems .

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I'm actually suprised you need a poll. Just do it, you know Nike would have, lol.

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2 Bronze

Yes they should have seperate XPS Desktop & Laptop forums. While their at it, they should fix the Who's online block so it automaticly closes after you move your mouse away from it.

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We will fix the "Who is online" area.

There will not be seperate boards for the XPS line.

You should just save these XPS Desktop links as your favorites. That is how I operate now, I just read these links first. This one is my "Home Page"
XPS Desktop General Hardware

My other Favorites
I cannot find where to post my issue?
XPS 730x General Hardware Discussion thread
XPS 730 General Hardware Discussion thread
XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

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There will not be separate boards for the XPS line.

You're kidding right.  Curious as to why and just how inconvenient it would be seeing how more than 90% of the vote was for the XPS section.

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