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Possible upgrades for my computer

Hi everybody, 

I am new to the PC upgrading world so pardon my lack of knowledge and understanding but I am doing my best to learn and improve my machine. I own a Dell Vostro 220s ( thats slim which seems to always be overlooked) and have made a few adjustments of my own because I am a newcomer to the pc gaming world.

Forgive me I'm not on the computer right now so I can't update current specs right now but I can later. Everything is original to the system except for the video card which was upgraded to an MSI AMD Radeon R6570-MD1G/LP and I am in the process of upgrading to the system max RAM of 4gb currently at 3 (waiting on other stick to arrive)

I feel as though I've hit a plateau like I cant upgrade much at this point because of limitations in the motherboard? I think the terminology is that I run a DDR2 and I think I need a DDR3 to expand further?

My real question is what should I upgrade to make my machine better and will my current upgrades work on a new motherboard if I do have to upgrade it? I'm trying to get the system to 8GB of RAM because a lot of games minimum requirements to play are at that mark.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Smiley Happy

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RE: Possible upgrades for my computer

Hello!  So first off, your computer wasn't really designed with gaming in mind.  Its mostly an office and productivity machine that happens to be in a small form factor.  The DDR2 ram can be limiting as its an older style of RAM and is not compatible with the higher speed DDR3.  The biggest issue however is graphics cards.  You will be hard pressed to find a decent graphics card that is A. Low profile, and B. fits the power limitations of your power supply.  My advice is to invest in a new computer.  If small form factor is your thing, you can look at the Alienware Alpha.  Its a very small form factor with a dedicated Graphics Chip, fast ram, and now a decent speed hard drive.  I've played with the I5 version and was really impressed with it.  

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RE: Possible upgrades for my computer

There are 2x4gb DDR2 kits available, but no one here has confirmed they are compatible with the 220s.

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