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Power Supply Ugrade for Dimension E510


I have a Dimension E510 and want to upgrade/replace the PSU.  What I am after is something that is good bang for the buck because I am going to be adding RAM and a new video card as well and don't have a lot of funds right now. 

My machine is a Pentium D (2.8GHz) with a dual core processor, 1 Gig RAM, 70GB HD, running WinXP Media Center. The current graphics card is an ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB Hypermemory.  You can imagine why I would be anxious to upgrade the video card.  I don't need to run Crysis and  am obviously not a hardcore gamer but want to be able to run Pirates of the Caribbean Online, WoW, and some non-vintage pc games without a problem.

In another thread, someone mentioned that the E510 takes a standard ATX power supply so I did a little research and found references to 12V also.  I am not versed in this area, don't trust salespeople, and just don't want to buy something incompatible, so can someone please give a suggestion as to a good PSU with a reasonable price?  Would this machine do okay with 500W?  I want good power that will not strain my system.

I won't be buying a new pc for about 2 years & am able to upgrade the graphics card, some memory, and the PSU now.  I want what will tide me over for a while. Coming from an X300, anything will be an improvement!  The video cards I'm considering are the Radeon HD 4670, 5670 and 5750.  I realize that the video card choice is a whole other discussion (and am not asking about that here) but think that they should be mentioned since part of the reason for the PSU replacement is the video upgrade.  I read in another thread that the E510 does not need more power to support the 4670 but I want to replace this power supply anyway as it sounds like a jet engine!

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Power Supply Ugrade for Dimension E510


As you probably already know, the 5150/E510 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, you can use most standard generic ATX power supplies with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector and two SATA power connectors, this can be purchased from most local, or online computer stores.

As this system has an open back panel, a power supply with or without the on/off switch can be used.

A 500w power supply would work fine in the e510.

Check out the 500w Antec EarthWatts PSU HERE

More power supplies can located HERE

Note: If you are using a UPS, power supplies that are 'Active PFC [Power Factor Conversion] require a UPS that outputs in battery backup "pure sine wave".  The standard "modified sine wave" UPS systems [most of the consumer line] may not work and if there is a power failure the computer will power down.



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RE: Power Supply Ugrade for Dimension E510

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RE: Power Supply Ugrade for Dimension E510

I don't see much point in a high-wattage power supply, because the E510 can't use it. High-wattage power supplies are intended for multiple gaming cards, and the E510 has only a single PCIe-x16 slot. However, it should fit and I see the right-angle SATA connectors that are needed if squishing the SATA wiring is to be avoided.

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RE: Power Supply Ugrade for Dimension E510

I was able to upgrade my E510's PSU to a Corsair CX430M, which is a standard ATA "modular" PSU, with "modular" being the key. With this PSU I was able to use only those cables that my E510 required in order to connect the components that my E510 had. So I had a couple of extra, unused cables. The Corsair also came with cable ties, which made bundling and tying off the cables that I did use easy so the inside of my tower is nice, neat, and clean. I required a higher wattage PSU because I decided to upgrade my video card to an nVidia GeForce GT 730. The stock OEM 305 W PSU just wasn't enough.

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