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Precision 3620 - What are the "rules" for using boot CD/DVDs?

I just got a new Precision 3620.  It appears to be set up as MBR if that matters.... Safe boot is disabled.  Legacy boot is enabled.  I see a boot menu that looks more or less like this:

Legacy Boot


UEFI:[name of device] <<<< this only shows up if there's a CD in the drive.  It does not show with a boot USB in the computer.

I'm trying to learn what the requirements for this computer are regarding boot media.  I have some Linux-based CD boot media that work in the UEFI Boot menu (and not in the Legacy Boot menu).  I have not been able to find or use any WIINPE boot media that will work.  Those all "hang" at "Starting Windows".  Even some Linux boot CDs will hang at "loading initrd" just after "loading Linux".

I'm wondering if there aren't some specifications or rules that will allow one to create boot CDs for this computer?  For example: a live CD memory test or a live CD hard drive test, etc.  What is the secret?

I have no idea if it matters but this computer was offered with Windows 10 and was ordered and delivered with a Windows 7 as a "downgrade".

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RE: Precision 3620 - What are the "rules" for using boot CD/DVDs?

I am assuming you are looking at the boot in the bios. The computer has a boot menu that you access by tapping F12 as soon as you turn on the computer without waiting for any screen. Booting is dynamic and options change depending available boot devices.If there are no bootable usb devices available it will not appear.

You can upgrade to windows 10 for free until July 29. MS will try to force the upgrade in Windows Update soon. See GWX Control Panel if you want to keep 7.

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RE: Precision 3620 - What are the "rules" for using boot CD/DVDs?

Thanks for the reply!

I don't generally view what's listed in the BIOS as a "boot menu" but rather a "boot list" perhaps.  So, no, I was referring to the F12 Boot Menu.

The F12 Legacy Boot menu seems to behave differently than the UEFI boot menu.

The former lists CD/DVD, USB, etc. all the time and doesn't seem to change.

The F12 UEFI Boot Menu appears to list what's available as you describe; i.e. dynamic.

Still, none of this addresses the specifications for CD/DVD media that *will* boot in any manner.
I don't want to waste too much time preparing media or making plans around things that won't work.

And, I still should address interrupted boot processes like hanging at "Starting Windows".

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