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Precision 370 Video Controller

Greetings all,
I have a Precision 370 that I just reinstalled Windows XP on. I have a Dell 1905fp monitor that I just cannot seem to get configured properly. I have installed all video controller drivers that dell has listed for my Service Tag, downloaded the driver for the monitor itself, but in my system properties, it still shows that little yellow exclamation point next to Video Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatiple). My screen still wont move as one whole unit; when I scroll web pages or even just around the computer it moves kinda choppy, if that makes sense. Any suggestions?
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Sam Waring
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Re: Precision 370 Video Controller

You don't mention which of the four or five possible video cards is installed in your system, so it's hard to give very sensible advice. Please reply with card model.
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