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Precision 470 vs. USB2.0

I've been using my P470 for a while and recently I started noticing the "This device can run faster" messages indicating that at least some of the USB ports I have are not 2.0. Which is very strange to me as I was under impression that P470 came with 2.0 .


Looking in the  device manager I findI have 5 USB devices, 1 of them is USB2 (Intel 82801EB USB2) and 4 of them are just USB (also "Intel 82801EB" but "USB" not "USB2") What is more confusing is that 470 has 8 USB ports (no addons) - I am not sure how 8 ports that map onto 5 devices  - but I know at least 2 ports belong to a USB2 device  - as I have 2 external 2.0 drives running fine.


I tried replacing the drivers on the USB devices, but that did not work.


Can someone


a - Confirm if all ports on p470 are USB2.0 or only some?

b - If they all are supposed to be 2.0, how do you fix this situation?





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