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Precision 470


I have a Dell Precision 470 (Dual Xeon, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB HD,...) with a clean install of XP Professional SP2.  I installed the Pinnacle Studio 12 suite with all the updates.  I'm connecting a Dazzle DVC 90 (Video capture device) on one of the USB ports.  I wanted to convert VHS to DVDs.  Everything works except the "frames Dropped" counter in that software; indicating that the computer is unable to keep up with the stream coming in.  I have a single SATA hard drive and all the tests I ran on it check out (transfer rate > 40 MB/Sec, sustained, not burst.)  The result videos are very chopping (missing frames.)

I tried the same setup on a Precision M70 laptop, and the result is beautiful.  For a 2 hr video, I get 0 dropped frames.

I thought maybe it's an XP issue, so I installed a clean vista 32 Ultimate on the machine.  Results are identical.  I added a secon SATA so that I don't over-load the operating system drive.  Same result.  I added and IDE drive.  Identical results.

Finally, I added and ALI M5271 USB 2.0 PCI card.  My frames dropped is now 0.  This really points to the USB port in this system, not being fast enough.  Has anybody run into this? Are there any fixes? I have installed all the chipset and other packages listed on the product support (Driver) page.  Not sure what to do now, because I can't keep the ALI card in the one and only PCI slot on this mb.  Yes, I can buy more hardware to plug into the PCIe slots... but I don't see why I should buy more hardware when I paid for a USB 2.0 desktop and it cost me a LOT of money to buy a high end machine.  I need to do what I need to do using the built-in USB interface.  Any suggestions would be really appreciated.  Occasionally, I get the "your device would operate much faster if you connect to a USB 2.0 port..." when I connect a thumb drive, or a ....

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