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Precision 690

Is there a RAID driver or SW application for the Precision 690 "SATA only" mobo ports? I already have a SAS RAID array on the HDD ports using two standard SAS drives. I have a standard SATA drive and a SDD on the SATA ports.

I want to create a RAID 0 array with two SSD drives. I tested the performance of a single SSD using a "SATA only" port and then a HDD port (SAS). The HDD port performance was basically half the "SATA only" port. Much worse. I removed all drives from the 690 controllers and re-ran the test. Same result.

Looking at all the BIOS settings and boot options I only see RAID control on the HDD ports. It would appear if I create this new SSD array on the HDD ports the performance will at best only equal what I am getting with a single drive with no RAID.

Another possibility is that I have an old driver or some setup issue that is hampering the SSD performance when I move it to the SAS controller.

Any help would be appreciated.


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