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Precision T3600, Windows 10, SSD, freezes


I have a problem with the Dell Precision T3600 workstation. The original operating system on the workstation was Windows 7. Recently, we decided to replace the original Windows 7 for Windows 10 and we wanted to replace the classical disk for SSD, which has more advantages. My problem is that after the system is installed, the computer behaves very neatly. When booting, the disk controller did not try to send data to the processing bus. Simply say, there are periods when the pc starts when the pointer is standing, it does not respond to the click instructions and opening the application, and the disk in the monitor is used up to 100%. After about half a minute, the process is restored and everything is about normal for one minute, then the process is repeated again and again and again.

Please help me, I've already sketched everything I could attack, bios upgrade to A15, new drivers, replace all components in pc for others, and it's still only in that motherboard.

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RE: Precision T3600, Windows 10, SSD, freezes


Click the link below to download the drivers for Windows 10. I am not sure which model hard drive you installed, but it may need a firmware update. There is also a driver install order link below. The drivers need to be installed in the correct order for the hardware to work properly.

Dell T3600 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

Driver Install Order

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