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Precision T5400 won't boot off of disc or PCIe drive

When trying to boot off of a Windows 7 installation disc, the computer freezes right after selecting that boot option, then pressing another key causes it to reboot.  However, it was able to boot off of a USB thumb drive containing Windows 7.

I used the USB drive to install Windows 7 to a Kingston Predator PCIe SSD.  Unfortunately, when I try to boot off of the PCIe SSD I get the same issue as when trying to boot from a disc (freezes then reboots after a key stroke).  I tested the SSD in another computer and was able to boot into Windows just fine.  On the Dell, the drive shows up in the BIOS and I am able to assign it a boot order etc.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do.  I could understand compatibility issues between such an old computer and such a new hard drive, but it's strange that the exact same behavior occurs when trying to boot using the computer's internal DVD drive.


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RE: Precision T5400 won't boot off of disc or PCIe drive

The issue is the bios and the pci-e bus speed. Its not going to EVER work.

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