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Precision T5500 2nd CPU Memory Fan Not Working

I just bought a T5500 2 weeks ago to make a budget editing/rendering PC. I got 2 xeon 5670's and 24 gb of memory to split between the main motherboard and the 2nd CPU Riser. I used the PC for a week without the 2nd CPU, and everything ran fine. After a week the 2nd CPU riser that I had ordered came in. I put 12gb of ram into the riser along with the processor and plugged everything in and slid the riser into my PC. 

When I booted up the PC It gave me an error that said "Alert! 2nd CPU memory fan not working"

I opened up the case again to check if it was working, and it was spinning like crazy. I looked up why this was happening and the only fix I came across was to reset the CMOS, everyone who had this problem that posted on a forum somewhere seemed to fix it be resetting the CMOS. 

I reset the CMOS and was disapointed to find that this had not solved the issue. I then proceeded to reset the CMOS again as well as take out the battery hoping that this would clear any data being stored that may be causing this issue. I was once again disappointed to find that this had also not solved my issue.

What can I do to fix this issue? The PC is seeing the memory and the 2nd cpu from the riser, but it is not utilizing it because the system thinks the fan is not working and doesn't want the CPU to overheat. Maybe there is some way I can override that feature?