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Precision T5600 Mass Storage Driver

I have a new drive replaced under warranty, went to reinstall Windows but the installer said

"No drives were found. Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation"

The drive is connected to the blue HDD0 port, if connected to the white SATA0 port it is detected leading me to believe there is some sort of controller controlling the drive

The system had 2x 2TB drives which were not originally setup in a RAID (no RAID config chosen in build spec)

I've tried the chipset controller driver and various PERC drivers, each time the installer say's

"No signed device drivers found"

Can anyone help or provide a link to the correct mass storage driver for Windows 7 x64?


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RE: Precision T5600 Mass Storage Driver

Fixed myself!

If anyone else has this issue, then you need the IRSTe F6 Driver within Storage Controllers