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Precision T7400 installing memory modules

After I got a memory-crash, I didn't know what to do. The 3-4 diodes lighted up and the computer beeped. After searching for the answer, I found out it was a memory error.

The first thing to do was to find the faulty memory-stick. it was in slot DIMM_1 on the upper riser (second story). After removing it I restarted the computer to see if there was other problems. I got a mismatch message, of course due to removing the memory stick, so I went in the setup menu and looked in the memory-tab.

All memory-sticks were registered there, but it loaded only 8 GB out of the originally 16 GB's (I had four 2GB sticks on each riser, 16 in total, now lacking one 2GB memory-stick).

After more research, I found out after pluging in one of the good memory sticks into Slot DIMM_1 to see if I could register this on the setup memu and see if the faulty memory-stick had done something with the riser. It had, as the computer beeped during startup.

So, I rang Dell and ordered a new riser with partnumber F814F, got it today, and installed it with the memory sticks in it.

All memory-sticks register, but due to the fact that I miss one memory-stick of the same sort (2Rx8 PC2-5300F-555 11-B0), I ordered a new twin set (two 2GB memory-sticks), but they didn't have the same sort, so I searched for something compatible with my workstation. I found something labelled 2Rx4 with the same amount of memory (2GB's), speed (667MHz) and FBD+ECC. After installing them, they register in the setup menu, but aren't added to the rest of the memory, if that makes sense. I suspect they are added as a quad, two on each riser-board, but I am not sure (anyway, I got 12 GB's loaded [6 memory-sticks out of 8] up and running, so it's an improvement).

That's why I post here, to ask tech's if they know where to install those memory-sticks (DIMM-slots), and if I need to order yet another set of 2Rx4's to complement those I already have.

As for the reps at support, I don't want to bug them more than necessary if I can get my answers here. Should I get another set to complement the other R2x4's? Or have I misordered a set that I don't really need?

The Dell-number of what I ordered is: <ADMIN NOTESmiley Surprisedrder number removed per privacy policy>

Support did an excellent job handling my order to get a new riser-board to replace the bad one. I'm not sure if this means anything, but I can't complain about Dell's support-team here in Scandinavia. 5 out of 5 stars.

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Re: Precision T7400 installing memory modules

Remove the added memory and one of the riser cards. Test all 8 of the original Dell 2GB memory sticks in that riser. Then, remove that riser and put the second riser in. Test all 8 of the original Dell 2GB memory sticks in that riser. Do all 8 2GB memory sticks work in both risers?

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