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Precision T7500 freeze / crash issue with weird error code

So I have a Precision T7500 and it is doing an odd thing. Every once and a while it will totally freeze. The caps lock light on the keyboard won't even turn on and off, and holding down the power button won't turn it off. After unplugging it and plugging it back in, it turns on and gives an error of an orange flashing power light and a flashing 2. After a few times of unplugging it and plugging it back in it stops having that error and boots up fine. It sometimes has gone weeks without doing it, but it seems to be happening more, and it has done it 4 times today. The issue is that I can't reproduce it. I have run various CPU and memory burner programs on it and pinned everything to 100% use for hours and it is stable. I have run both Dell's onboard memory test and memtest from online. The weirdest thing by far though is that if you look up the error code, which is an orange flashing power button and a flashing number 2, according to Dell's page for this computer, that code does not exist and as far as they are concerned it can't show this code.

It has 2  Xeon x5675 CPUs along with 32gb ram (4 8gb sticks, 2 in the mainboard and 2 in the riser card). The GPU doesn't matter because I have tried a different known working one and still had the problem happen. 

Does anyone have any experience on this or have any clues about this odd error code?

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RE: Precision T7500 freeze / crash issue with weird error code

i had similar problem with t5500 and resolved it by attaching a  little 50mm fan to its north/south bridge heatsink. as its temps were exceeding 60 deg c when tested using infrared meter.

later i removed the fan and installed taller old p3 cpu cooler hatsink and its working fine so far.

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