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Precision T7600

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I'm running a R610 that uses OpenManage Server Admin and I can "see" my PERC H700 RAID card.  In my T7600 I have a H310 and have tried to install OpenManage, which works, but I can't see the RAID card.  Is there any software available to allow me to see and manage my H310 from Windows?

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RE: Precision T7600

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The T7600 is not a server. I have moved your post to the desktop forum.

OpenManage Server Administrator requires an iDRAC/BMC to function properly. I don't think the T7600 has the necessary hardware for OMSA. I'm not familiar with our workstations, but it appears that the Dell Command suite of applications is used on client systems to monitor and manage hardware.

The H310 is manufactured by LSI for us. LSI management utilities will usually work with them, but they may display options that are not available or do not function properly with our controllers.


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