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Problem Restoring Computer to Factory Settings

I am trying to restore a dell desktop to factory settings. It started to reset once but got stuck at 30% for hours so the computer was restarted and tried again and it got stuck at 1%. After that, it wasn't even possible to reset it. Months after changing the graphics card, the computer showed an error on start up and you had to press F2 enter escape to start it. Now it's in a loop so once you do that it just restarts all over again. It was originally a windows seven. The dell tech support person said this particular computer isn't meant for anything above windows seven and we would have to reset using windows seven, however it was reset about a year ago I think using windows 8.1 so it should be possible to do the same now? It says something about a driver too.

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RE: Problem Restoring Computer to Factory Settings

It could be your have a failing hard drive.

The instructions are very clear what you have to do.


As to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, whatever is on the hard drive is what matters. No point in arguing.

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RE: Problem Restoring Computer to Factory Settings

Hi Kelandry,
If reset is not working on windows 8.1, please reinstall the operating system using OS disc. Please note that if windows 7 was shipped along with system, you need the product key for windows 8.1. 
To confirm the issue with hardware, you can run diagnostics using this link: http://dell.to/1bOPeAk

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