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Problem with My Dell Inspiron 580S

Hi, I bought a Dell Inspiron 580s last year and I got it on 5/2/2011.

Since then Dell has had to replace :


as well as the Hard Drive (while still under warranty...) 


The warranty expired on 5/2/12 and the Hard Drive once again has died.


I am just posting this as I see there was another person who had hard drive issues with their Dell.

I never had issues with previous Dell PCs before - this one was a bad egg right from the carton and now I'm left with nothing.

Very discouraging.

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Re: Problem with My Dell Inspiron 580S

Hi Sandyhaha

Welcome to the Dell Community,

I understand that how frustrating it could be for you as your system has stopped working. To identify the harddrive has gone bad we would need to run the diagnostics and if it does not give any error message pertaining to the bad hard drive, we can try to fix it by reinstalling the Operating System.

To run the diagnostics Please follow the following steps.

1. Reboot the system

2. As soon as you see the Dell Logo Start tapping F12

3. You will find Options, Choose – Diagnostics.

4. Choose device- hard drive

5. Follow the on screen instructions to run the test. And make a note of the error code if any.

And please get back to us with the error message.

DELL–Vikas Gautam.

Dell |Social Media Outreach| Global Social Media Community

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Re: Problem with My Dell Inspiron 580S

I, also had trouble with a Dell Inspiron 580S from day one. It was only a year old in December and I have already had to replace it. This was my fourth Dell computer, so I definitely was not happy with this product or support. I too, had replacement of harddrive, just days after receiving, and it never operated as the previous machines I have had from Dell. I was very sorry to have to go to a competitor but as support never was able to pinpoint exactly why performance was subpar right out of the box. Even trying a clean reinstall of the hardrive failed as the machine just looped and would never complete the reinstall. I know I had purchased two other competitors prior to switching to Dell, and I contined to make Dell my computer store after my initial purchase. I was sad to see that Dell was not the same quality as I had come to expect.

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