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Problem with RAID 1 Array using MediaShield on XPS 700

I have  a Dell XPS 700 and I am redoing it with Windows Vista 64-bit and trying to set up a RAID 1 Array using two WD Raptor 300GB drives.  I have the drives in SATA 0 and 1 slots and set to "RAID On" in the BIOS, I found the drives in the nVidia MediaShield startup (post level) utility and set up a RAID 1 array.  Vista Ultimate 64-Bit found and installed to the drive/array.
However, after restart the system hangs at the MediaShield prompt (right at the end of POST).
It says:

MediaShield POM BIOS 9.83
Detecting Arrays
0 Rebuild NVIDIA Mirror 279.46G
Press Ctrl-N to Enter RAID setup Utility

It quickly seems to hang after this.  I have left it at this point overnight and it never gets past it.  If I IMMEDIATELY hit ctrl-n it will take me into the utility which shows the array:

MediaShield BIOS (Dell) April 13 2007
Boot column is checked
Status says "rebuild" (I think this may be the problem - is it stuck on rebuild?)
Vendor - nVidia
Array - Mirror
Size - 279.46G

When I enter at this point it takes me to the next screen where I can see the two drives in the array:

Array 1: nVidia Mirror 279.46G
          Array Detail
RAID Mode: Mirrored
Stripe Width: 1
Stripe Block: 64k
Port - SATA 0   Index - 0   Disk Model - WDC WD3000GLFS-01F8U0   Capacity 279.46G
Port - SATA 1   Index - 1   Disk Model - WDC WD3000GLFS-01F8U0   Capacity 279.46G

In there I have options to delete the Array, etc.

I am not sure what is happening, but I think the Array is "stuck" in Rebuild mode?  Does that make any sense?  Any ideas how to get past this?  Do I need to start over?  So far all I have invested is the time for the Vista install and 500MBs of update downloads/installs.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Re: Problem with RAID 1 Array using MediaShield on XPS 700

Did you ever figure this problem out?  I am getting ready to attempt a hd swap to my raid and am curious as to what piftalls I may encounter.


-Tom Steele

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Re: Problem with RAID 1 Array using MediaShield on XPS 700

Well, I never really cnfirmed the exact cause, but I thik there was a problem with the Dell array and the WD Raptor 300GB drives.

I finally swapped them out for a pair of "non-Raptor" (WD Blacks) and everything has been fine since.

The Raptor drives showed no errors and are both now in other machines performing perfectly.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

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