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Problems during System Shutdown

For some extended period of time I have been suffering intermittent problems during System Shutdown. I think that the problems have become more frequent and more often after I upgraded to service pack 2.


The problems that I am experiencing are –

1.      The system appears to shutdown correctly but when I next switch on I get the message “Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown” .

2.      I try to shutdown and me system goes to the shutdown and then just sits at the screen.

3.      I try to shutdown but the system after some time goes back to the logon screen.


My system is a Dell Dimension DXP061 running Windows Vista Home Premium with all the automatic upgrades.


Any ideas ?

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Re: Problems during System Shutdown

There can be many causes for this.  One issue may be a program is not shutting down correctly or Windows (Vista) is waiting for a process to end.   It could be a device driver that is causing this, a peripheral, etc.  Or it could be an operating system (Vista) or hard drive corruption.

With the "recoverd from an unexpected shutdown", the first thing to do is run a complete set of hardware diagnostics.  I don't know what a "DXP061" is - we normally refer to Dell's by their actual model number such as XPS710, Dimension E510, etc, but many Dell's have a diagnostic partition on the hard drive that is accessed by F12 at boot up and if yours has this run the complete diagnostics as a first step.

Since the problem has been there before SP2, I doubt that SP2 is the cause.  It could be a program incompatibility with Vista or a corrupted program that is causing this.  Security software can be one source of problems.

There can be so many causes as you just have to start eliminating one potential problem at a time.   Ultimately it may take a complete reinstall to get things going properly.  Again, not knowing your model number, but systems delivered with Vista have a Dell recovery partition that is accessed by F8 at initial boot and this will restore the PC to the original factory condition.  If this PC originally had XP and now has Vista you would have to do a manual install from the discs.

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