The INTEL RST 9.6  F6 Drivers can be put on a USB Flash drive and when AHCI is enabled for Sata operation it will load the drivers and see the disk.  If you do not load RST 9.6 or higher it will not "see the drive" and will not install.  Advanced format 4k drives started arriving in 2011.  At this point ALL NEW Drives are advanced format.  If you have an ancient 120 gig , 80 gig drive it won't need the drivers.   Most 160 Gig, 320 gig , 500 gig etc are 4k Advanced format Drives.


Detailed Description

Installs the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RAID) driver version for Intel® Desktop Boards.

Download the driver (STOR_allOS_9.6.0.1014_PV.exe) and one of the following F6 Driver Diskettes (depending on your operating system): - F6 driver diskette for Windows* 7 (32-bit editions), Windows* Vista* (32-bit editions), Windows XP* Home, Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Media Center Edition. - F6 driver diskette for Windows 7 (64-bit editions), Windows Vista (64-bit editions) or Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition.