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Problems with P1913sf Monitor

Hi, I have had this monitor laying about for the better part of a year wanted to put it on the monitor that controls the out the front window cockpit view.

So I have an MSI MS7720 which has 2xPCI fast Lane slots, so I tossed in a low-end video card and used an OLD IBM VGA monitor to post then I loaded in LinuxMint18 and we have a picture. OK, now the Dell P1913sf LED monitor with all the interfaces VGA, DVI, DisplayPort. ok, so I plugged it into the Monitor and no-joy.

 The Monitor displayed a message that said: "the cable wasn't plugged in".  So now I'm sure that the monitor worked, I changed from "autoselect" to "vga" and again same message as before. Ok maybe I will power down and reboot.. still the same *** message. 

Ok so now I change to the DVI cable directly without the adapter, and STILL got the same *** message, changed the settings in the menu, the DVI cable itself and still no matter, It still said: "the cable wasn't plugged in".

So Does anybody out there know of a FIX??
Please, Help.
C. Harrison

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RE: Problems with P1913sf Monitor

Is there a different computer running Windows to test the P1913S on? If yes and the Windows desktop appears, that rules out the monitor and cables as the culprit. If the same issue happens on another computer, the monitor may be faulty.

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