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Was hoping someone might have an idea on a problem I am having.

I have an XPS 730x that is running 2 x 750GB HD as a raid mirror. As you would be aware the raid mirror, in the event of a single hard drive failure can still start up and you dont lose your data. I have had this computer for 5 years and its done this twice before. Basically the faulty harddrive gets replaced and fixes the problem, but can still use until I get the HD replaced.

About six weeks ago this happened. So when booting up it was saying one harddrive had an error and the other was fine, and pc would start as normal. I have contacted Dell about getting the harddrive replaced just havent finalised the order yet.

Well about a week ago my computer started freezing. Would log on fine go for awhile and would then freeze. Thought it was just mouse at first but its a total freeze. After a while it would restart itself

Now what is happening is when I switch the pc on it loads, freezes, restarts, then cannot load wondows, just sits on a black screen. I can load windows in SAFE mode, it just wont load normally.

When it boots, its still saying on one hard drive is errored. I did the 'pre-boot assessment' and it said had no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas? I always thought on single drive failure on raid mirror could still load everything, yet this seems not the case.

I am just wondering if replacing the faulty harddrive will fix this, and might be a seperate problems.

Any thoughts would be great.





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