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RAM Upgrade Dell Precision 5810

Hello everyone

I have a Precision 5810 with 16gb's of RAM. These are 4 x 4gb 2133MHz DDR4 RDIMM ECC sticks.

I want to upgrade my memory to 32GB's! Considering the fact that the mobo has 8 sockets, what would it best to do ? 

- Can I put 2x8 GB's of the same or it must be 4x4GB just like the ones that are plugged? 
- Can I put any other brand (kingston or crucial) combined with the originals that I have from Dell?

***sorry to ask but dellsuppport team here in Greece, mentioned the cost for another 4x4GB sticks from Dell is 450Euros or 500$. That is waay too much

I would appreciate any answer

Thanks in advance, Dimitris

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RE: RAM Upgrade Dell Precision 5810

Check the manual (page 41) for info about supported RAM configurations and guidelines for installing it.

You don't have to buy RAM from Dell. You can buy anywhere, as long as it's compatible and has the right specs.

Keep in mind that if you install RAM that's faster than the existing RAM, all of it will run at the speed of the slowest RAM.


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