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RAM upgrade for Dimension 9150

I bought 4 1GB RAM sticks for my Dimension 9150. After installing all 4, the RAM still says 3GB. What is wrong? Since I upgraded to Windows 7 it's still much slower than with XP. Thanks.

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RE: RAM upgrade for Dimension 9150

Where does it say "3 GB", in BIOS or in Windows?

The  32-bit version of Windows only supports up to 4 GB of RAM. Some RAM is probably shared with video or otherwise reserved, so Windows may only have 3 GB available, even though 4 GB are installed. Of course, the new RAM has to be compatible with this system and working...

Dell doesn't support Win 7 on this PC, so what hardware drivers did you install for Win 7?  Do you have the latest Intel Chipset drivers, etc?


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