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Raid 0 to normal HDDs

Fairly simple question. Got a computer that came with Raid 0, and now I want to make them into normal HDDs. I consider myself fairly tech savvy, but I side on the side of caution and just want to know exactly what to do. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

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Dell - Harish M
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Re: Raid 0 to normal HDDs

Hi Kraiser,

Please be aware that all data will be lost including the operating system after removing RAID-0 setting.

Two steps to disable the RAID 0

• Reset disks to Non-RAID via RAID Bios.

• Change SATA mode from RAID to ATA through the normal Bios.

Reset disks to Non-RAID via RAID Bios

   Restart the system.

   At the DELL logo, press <Ctrl><I> to enter the RAID Bios.

   In the RAID Bios, there are five options to choose from:    Select the 3rd option

   In the “Reset disks to Non-RAID”, Select each drive using a space bar, reset it to Non-RAID, and then press <Enter>.

   After resetting both drives to Non-RAID, Press <ESC> to exit.

Turn off RAID mode in SATA through the normal Bios.

   Restart the system.

   Press <F2> to enter the Bios setup after the DELL logo.

   Select the “Advanced chipset features” in the Bios setup.

   Then, in the SATA option, change SATA mode from [RAID] to [ATA].

   Then, press <F10> to save and then exit the Bios.

Restart the system. Please let me know if this helps.

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Re: Raid 0 to normal HDDs


To add to Dell - Harish M excellent post, after changing from a RAID 0 to non RAID, you will need to install windows, followed by loading the drivers and applications.

Best to first remove the data cable from the 2nd hard drive and reconnect it, after the windows reinstallation is complete and the primary C /: drive is working to your satisifaction, then install the 2nd hard drive, using Disk Management, to format, partition and assign it a drive letter.



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Re: Raid 0 to normal HDDs

Hi sir you may consider using a software to delete the partition,and you can back up your data before you delete the partition. My friend recommend me to use the Partition assistant developed by For more specified steps please check

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