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Ram 4 XPS 420 and OS upgrade?

Alright I go to my control panel and open the ram menu and it says I have 4 gigs, then I go to the performance tab in Windows Task Manager and it only says I have 3325 MB in total.


So I'm guessing one of my sticks died? Well I'm not sure so thats why I came here. (If I need new ram tell me which kind from the Dell store please)


Anyway i've been playing All Points Bulletin this new game that comes out soon and its an mmorpg pretty much well the worlds are big and I keep crashing and getting a no memory error well thats obviously ram so what can I do about this? Can I get new 2G sticks so I have 8G?


I have Vista Home Premium 32bit. Is there anyway I can upgrade to Vista Ultimate 64 bit without doing a fresh reinstall? (APB runs better on 64bit)



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Re: Ram 4 XPS 420 and OS upgrade?

First, you don't have a memory module that "died".  A 32 bit OS cannot fully address 4GB of RAM.  What you are seeing as "useable" memory is correct.

You can't "upgrade" from a 32 bit to 64 bit OS.  You will have to do a complete new install and if you are going to do this, go for the Windows 7 64 bit, it's "vista improved".  You will also need 64 bit drivers for some of the devices.

HERE is the Crucial Memory list for the 420.  Crucial is one brand that is guaranteed to work in Dell's.  Not all brands will work.

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Re: Ram 4 XPS 420 and OS upgrade?

Also--the xps 420 has only 4 memory slots so you would have to remove 2 or all 4 of your 1 gb chips and replace with pairs of 2gb chips. It's not worth it, IMO. My 420 runs 64 bit win 7 fine with 4 GB's of ram.

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