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Random Restarts

XPS 8700   Every few hours the computer will shut down automatically and restart.  No error messages, no BSD, nothing to work with.  I believe all my drivers are up to date.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

XPS 8700

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RE: Random Restarts

Random restarts are hard to diagnose. Could be hardware or software. Are you running a specific app when it crashes?

Look in Windows  (what version?) Event Viewer to see if there are any error messages logged around the time of a restart that might point you in the right direction.

Any signs of overheating?

Reboot and press F12. Go to Utilities partition and run all the diagnostics, including RAM and extended hard drive tests. They could take a long time to run. Copy down any error messages.

Power off/unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec. Open case and use canned air to blow out all the dust. Then carefully reseat all RAM modules and PCI-e cards in their slots. Check that all cable connections are secure and all fans are clean and turn freely.  Close up and see if that helps.


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