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Random Weird Crashing

[Pick any point in this video.](www.youtube.com/watch) It has crashed at that time, including the time where I first watched the video specifically to see if it's right for this post.

Here are my computer specs: i.imgur.com/bLURIjh.png

Additional: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU

920 @ 2.67GHz 2.67 GHz

Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB

64-bit operating system.

Windows 7 Home Premium, Dell.

XPS studio 9100


There are quite a few crash types I've encountered. One is a forced, instant restart of the computer. Second is a freeze (often accompanied by repeating sound.) Third is the bugged screen, where my screen is stretched, glitched, and tends to have horizontal lines (once there was a area where random RGB pixels were scattered about.) It's often accompanied by repeating sound. Fourth is when the screens stop getting anything, no input, like how it looks like when I start the power up but didn't start my computer.

Sometimes the sound starts repeating before the screen is effected. Anywhere from 1 second to a full 5 minutes. Recently, there has been a time where the computer let out a single 'beep' when freezing, and another time a smaller, repeating sound came from somewhere [here](i.imgur.com/juCagvy.jpg). Physical pushes to my actual computer sometimes mimics these crashes, but is simply rare.

In the history of these crashes, I've noticed that my CPU runs differently each time it's started up. Sometimes it is fast (which I am guessing is the normal speed,) and other times it is slow. When my computer freezes before anything actually shows up on the main screen (nothing goes through, a simple start of the power button,) you hear the sound of the computer sounding get louder (as usual,) but it doesn't subside back to normal-operating sound. It stays loud. I believe what's loud is the fan.

This might be a crucial detail: After enough restarts, the computer stops crashing. When I restart it again (usually) or leave the computer off for some time, it's guaranteed for the crashes to come back. My solution over the summer was to leave it on 24/7, but now I actually need to solve this problem.

Since my last revisit to this problem, there have been a few new things that could be related to my problem:

Inserting a USB to the computer has caused a crash. (Restart.)

One ordinary crashed shut off the computer instead of restarting. This is the only time I believe that happened.

During a crash, where the sound system crashed and kept repeating, I had about a full minute before the computer crashed as well. I was able to load Google and reddit, but was not able to play Youtube videos.

Again, any help would be really appreciated.

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RE: Random Weird Crashing

Hi Artisauce,

Please try running the complete Dell diagnostics to see if you have a hardware issue.

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