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Re: The Bootvis Program


I downloaded the Bootvis.exe file on my Dimension 4300 XP. I'm not sure if this is automatically working behind the scenes when I start my computer. Or, do I have to go into the program itself and tweak it to optimize my computer on a regular basis? Thanks, Barb

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RE: Re: The Bootvis Program

I believe once you run it to do the optimization, the settings will stay that way until you do a defrag or disk check. The other settings such as driver delay I am not sure about. I usually run it after a defrag and the boot times are consistent. Kip

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RE: Re: The Bootvis Program

Thanks for your help. Barb :>)

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RE: Re: The Bootvis Program *NEW*

Since this subject was brought up, I thought I'd take the chance to ask a question here.

I wanted to try using Bootvis to see if my boot time decreased. I ran the program and it created the charts of my boot progression items just fine. I then chose the 'Optimize' function, and re-booted. After re-boot, when Bootvis attempts to defrag the boot sector, I'm receiving a "Timeout Error" saying that "Bootvis was unable to defragment the boot sector because a timeout occured while waiting for the scheduled service to start. Click OK to quit".

This happens on every run of the optimize feature.
Has anyone else seen this or know what might be wrong?


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Re: The Bootvis Program *NEWEST*

I used to use Bootvis to optimize without a problem.  After several recent Windows critical updates, the same thing happened to me:  Timeout Error!  My bootup time from pressing power button to all taskbar icons loaded went from 38s to 51s (with NAV and NIS taking a long time). 

What I found out after reading the "Fast System Startup for PCs running Windows.doc":  the OPTIMIZE function of Bootvis is actually a normal Win XP function during IDLE periods.  Now I just use Bootvis to measure startup times/processes.  To OPTIMZE: I simply let the system idle with screensaver for 10-15min.  Currently my startup time is back to ~37s.

Good Luck!


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